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Der Sommer Der Lady Jane (2013)

by Kate Noble(Favorite Author)
3.84 of 5 Votes: 1
3802588665 (ISBN13: 9783802588662)
Egmont LYX
The Blue Raven
review 1: From the first book, I had expected Byrne's character to be more gruffy and cold. Instead, he was rather mellow and sweet! Jane was also not as calculating and strong a person as anticipated either. I enjoyed the romance between them, but felt it was lost in all the secondary characters, stories, and romances. I was rather disheartened at how much I DISLIKED Jane's brother, Jason....who is to be the hero in Book#3. Oh dear. Will Ms. Noble be able to redeem his errant and selfish character??
review 2: I loved this book! This was my first time reading this author and she is fantastic. She was recommended on a booklist posted on Amazon and I was skeptical, but I am so glad I tried her out. The characters are smart, witty and their romance and banter really m
... moreake the book. The hero is strong yet vulnerable and the heroine is smart, beautiful - but not so beautiful that she is annoying - and likable. Great read. I highly recommend it and I have already purchases additional titles from the author. less
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Good story line, but a little too racy for me.
Love Kate Noble. She is funny and smart.
Wow - everyone needs to read this.
4.5 stars.
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