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The Dangers Of Fairy Compacts (2012)

by Katey Hawthorne(Favorite Author)
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Fairy Compacts
review 1: After reading this novella by Katey Hawthorne I will be adding her up near the top of my list of favorite authors and also will be devouring all the other books she has written thus far! For the longest time I shunned all shortfiction on the principle that if I was going to read something I wanted it to be substantial enough to provide hours if not days of enjoyment. I just assumed that even if a short story, novelette or novella were of the highest quality; due to the brevity of it I would always end up feeling the piece was incomplete and thus totally frustrated since the author might never add more to that particular creation. Well thankfully the purchase of my first tablet and the the huge amount of free reads and 99cent or 1.99 short fiction online soon had me will... moreing to give shortfiction a chance. It did not take long to not onlyu disabuse me of my misconception but to swing me around 180 degrees to the point of not only eating up short fiction left and right. Not saying I still don't enjoy the longer stuff too cuz I most certainly do. However I have developed a huge amount of serious respect for those authors who can in so few words not only have me living the story, but do it so well that I am invested 100% in their characters lives and my emotion state is locked in with the ups and downs of the characters so I might crying tears of joy, heartbrake and yes I occassionally have been know to occasional outburst berating any character stupid enough to mess with the happiness of the character I have for a short timed become part of so of course I react accordingly. When an author can entwine one of their characters and the reader so very well they truly have created not only true art but have also allowed their readers to experience situations and cultures they may otherwise never encounter. THis where the warning that reading the work of the best writers may have consequences not all readers may appreciate or expect. I believe science fiction and fantasy have been especially usefull in at times lulling even the most closeminded, intolerant readers into reading something that insinuates itself deep inside and slowing starts cracking the walls and may over time open a closed mind to where perhaps the individual may finally begin to move toward the type of human that actually contributes something positive to humanity before they move on to the next level rather than wasting the resources and life seeking only to teardown the good others have worked on. OK enough philosopy and finally to the point. Katey has created a fully fleshed out setting and characters this novella, and done it so well that I will buying the next part of the story tonite or tomorrow as I NEED to know more about these interesting people and can't wait to watch and they and their relationship continue to evolve and grow. She crafts her words with such skill that I swear at times I could close my eyes and almost feel their touching each other as if they touched me. I also very much loved her use use of humor throughout the story and she had me chuckling throughout reading it and laughing out loud several times. By the end of the novella she had crafted the perfect balance of satisfaction with when we ended up; while also leaving me with the absolute necessity to pursue and discover the rest of Aeron and Tam's story as Katey reveals it to us. Some people may say our world is mundane and without magic and mundane. I beg to differ... we have millions of sorcerers; magicians and magic-wielders of many kinds. Katey is clearly one such person and talented and grabbing reader's imagination and feeding it till we see the story clearly and experience it even more personally than we could even if we had a holodeck from ST:TNG to use. Somehow I think experiencing it inside one's own head imparts an intimacy that most likely would be hard to match in any other way. Each time a discover another truely talented master at the weaving of words into magic I rejoice and cross my fingers that they may also be proficient at maining the magic as well as prolific in the creation of many more hours of enjoyment for myself and everyone else to discover their magic. Lastly, Just want to say THANKS to the author for this first of many awesome adventures she will lead us on.. Keep Up the good work... after all I am a fast reader which means I will soon have devoured everything created thus far.. and be looking for more... Just kidding.... I will be patient and enjoyed each new creation as it appears... after all each one is quite definitely worth the wait and deserving of revisiting time and time again... for the Lord of the Rings it has be 35 visits and counting; I am sure this particular story will find me visting quite often in the future for the simple joy of it alone.
review 2: I thoroughly enjoyed this story! I loved that there were elements that I'd not ever seen before:--magic has a smell, and every magical being has a unique scent to their magic--the feelers on the ends of Aeron's wings that help him detect scentsI also loved the way elements I'd seen before were described or handled in delightful new ways:--Aeron's wings--Aeron helping Tam communicate more effectively with the trees--the bonding spell, and how they'd been hearing each others' voices in their heads for the past 20 years--Tam's fear that the bonding spell somehow took away Aeron's free will--Aeron's vegetarianism, and how he refers to animals in food as corpses or carcass--I do the same thing, so it cracked me up!LOVED all of those things. I loved feeling like I was in a world that felt fresh and new and exciting and that I'd not been there before.While it was fascinating that so much attention was given to how things smelled, I wish more attention were given to how things looked. I wish I were able to picture what Tam's house looked like, or what the forest looked like. The only place that I have even a vague idea of is Kamala's house and the "room made of books." I LOVED how that was described.Overall, I loved this story, and I'm excited by the hints that there will be more of Tam and Aeron in the future! less
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An amusing and sexy day-read.
Love is Always Write - Volume 2
Cute story!
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