An Ace 32″ Slim LED TV Review

Ace 32″ Slim LED TV

The Backstory

For the last several months until now, I have been searching appliance stores near me for a good flat screen television for our small apartment room. I went to a fairly popular mall in Cubao to look for one. I saw “super brands” as you may call it, but let’s face it; those didn’t really fit my budget. I only have a few thousands to spare and I’m trying to squeeze out my money’s value, as anyone would. For someone who spends many of his time online for doing all sorts of things, it’s not difficult to come across a product that would fit all my requirements. In the talk-of-the-town online shopping site Lazada, I found this product, Ace 32″ Slim LED TV.

Product first impressions

I only have very limited knowledge on flat screen television brands. I’ve never heard of the brand Ace. I learned that it’s a product manufactured from China. My memory does not have any reputable information of China-made products as well as its quality. I thought it would easily break down in a few weeks time. But one really good observation from this item is, it’s elegant-looking.


The television unit outside of its box.

The Packaging

You may not see it at the pictures but the item seemed adequately packed in the warehouse. The television unit came covered by a styrosheet inside a thick-material box with styrofoam fittings to protect the product from suffering scratches and dents while being transported. The entire box was also generously covered with bubble-wrappings for added protection and non-food-grade plastic wrap as its top layer covering. I felt that the merchandise I bought was taken good care of from manufacturing plant to my delivery address.

What’s Inside the Box?

Television stand (left picture), remote control and user manual (right picture).

Inside the box, you may first find two pieces of stand for your TV. It also comes with screws and small rubber pads for you to connect your television unit to. The screws are inside a small resealable plastic at the back of the user manual. The only tool you will need that’s not included in the package is a Phillips screwdriver. You don’t even need to buy two double A batteries for your remote control because they already provided it for free along with the screws and user manual.


Audio and video ports

In this photo you may see colorful ports for the unit’s audio and video function. The unit has three ports for your component (in green, blue and red); three ports for your RCA cables (yellow, white and red); two USB ports, and one for your 3.5mm audio jack which can be used for a majority of earphones, headphones, headsets and speaker cables.

RCA cables for ABS-CBN TV Plus


VGA = Laptop, WORKING!

COMPONENT = I did not try.

COAXIAL/ANTENNA = I did not try.

3.5mm = Smartphone, WORKING!

USB = Movies, WORKING!


All buttons at the back are also working fine.

Options when you click “Source”.

What I did to setup my ABS-CBN TV Plus…

First, I inserted the TV box’s RCA cables to the TV’s RCA ports.

Second, I clicked “Source” from the remote control.

Third, the picture above showed and I chose AV.

Then, this.

In my case, no re-scanning happened. It works! I’m not a pro in TVs but I think this product is definitely worth my hard-earned salary.

So here’s the part where I tried it now with a thumb drive… it is…

When I plugged in my thumb drive, I pressed “Source” from the remote again and selected “Media”. The picture above shows where “Media” option will take you. And then I chose “Movie”.

I drove the pointer to my movie of choice…

I tried playing the movie by pressing the OK button at the middle of the remote control but it lead me to discover that it could “Preview” the movie by doing so.. After that, I learned the proper way to open a video—by pressing the play/pause button below the remote control. So here’s what happened…

And yes, it’s super clear… I chose a 1080p movie by the way..


Sound coming from the unit alone may not be superior but based on the budget I had, I think I bought the best. I could just try to tweak the sounds with a good speaker. This will suffice for my small apartment room.


Display: 10/10
Sound: 8/10
Ports: 9/10
Packaging: 10/10
Price: 10/10

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