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Frantic (2007)

by Katherine Howell(Favorite Author)
3.72 of 5 Votes: 5
174093993X (ISBN13: 9781740939935)
Pan Macmillan Australia
Detective Ella Marconi
review 1: To be honest, I am stunned with the 3.77 average rating which this book has received. I thought it was the most average crime novel which I have ever read. It was like Paramedics 101 meets Detective Work 101. It was such a cliche. The writing was bad. The characters were one dimensional. Ella Marconi was annoying, and not in an interesting way. The actions of Sophie were ridiculous in the circumstances. The premise of this book had so much promise, but was so underdone. As the mother of 2 small children, I thought I would be totally absorbed in it. I was very very wrong. Oh, and if I read the words/phrases Oxy-Viva, resus bag & Hartmann's (solution/fluid) one more time, I was ready to do something terrible to the book.
review 2: I enjoyed reading a book that ta
... morekes place in Australia. I enjoyed the storyline and my suspicious were confirmed when the suspect became obvious. I found the poor hard done by husband very overdone and I didn't even like him until the last few pages. I enjoyed the different elements of the story woven in together and felt that was well done. I found many of the actions that the characters took were illogical and almost ridiculous and think much could have been done if people had worked together, but then the story would have been rather different. I will read more of her novels as I enjoy the genre. less
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Very enjoyable. Have heard the characters get better with the next books in the series.
Only got about a chapter into this one before I dropped it. Not my thing.
Great crime novels set in Sydney, realistic cops & paramedics Good read
Good, fast paced book. Lovely little twist at the end.
Great page turner.....
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