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This Much Is True (2013)

by Katherine Owen(Favorite Author)
3.92 of 5 Votes: 2
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Truth in Lies
review 1: Outstanding read by Katherine Owen. If you love Romeo and Juliet, this must be the contemporary version. It is such an epic love story with all of the drama and angst I love. It had all of the ingredients and I could check them off. Forbidden love, 2 people that couldn't be together for hundreds of reasons, bitterness, retaliation, secrets, affairs, tragedy, strength, history, more secrets.... I could go on and on. In the end, I loved it. Another book that made me feel so many things. Way to hit a home run Katherine Owen. On to the sequel.
review 2: At times seemed verrryyy lloonng and drawn out, but I think that is what made this sorry closer to real life (if I was a prima ballerina and he was a famous MLB pitcher). But, really, when life sucks and feels lik
... morees everything that could go wrong does and does--in a catastrophic way--if feels like the pain and insecurities are never ending. This while well-wishing friends (when they're still around) keep telling you "everything will work out." So often in most books, the doubts/insecurities and 'in between' events are cut out to keep the flow and the reader's interest. While I do appreciate this most of the time, it does take the reality of the misery out. less
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Loved this book and the characters❤️❤️
Fantastic read! Couldn't put it down!
4.5 stars on to the next one now
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