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The Truth About Air & Water (2014)

by Katherine Owen(Favorite Author)
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Truth in Lies
review 1: The Truth about Air & Water is an AMAZING book that you DO NOT want to miss! The big question around this book is - "Do I need to read This Much Is True first?" The short answer is "No." Having said that...I highly recommend that you do read TMIT otherwise you will miss so much of their background history.Tally and Linc have true and real love. They've come a long way in their relationship, but still have more to delve into. Their lifestyle in and of itself is a huge challenge; they both have demanding jobs that require full commitment and time. Add to the mix that Tally still has some insecurities about the relationship and you have a rollercoaster of a ride. Make sure that you hang on - the ride will be rough, but worth it in the end! The love of Tally and linc is truly ... moreoutstanding. Run...don't walk your fingers to one-click this book right now! You won't be disappointed!
review 2: I received my copy of The Truth about Air & Water through the Goodreads First Reads program.I read such a diverse selection of genres that sometimes my friends shake their heads and ask what it is that I really like to read. I don't have a favourite, I am looking for a connection to character. Romance, paranormal, historical fiction, fantasy, urban fantasy - the genre itself doesn't matter to me, the characters do. In searching for that special author that can invite me to crawl inside the head of their characters, leave me thinking about their characters even after I have put the book down, and later have me questioning reality, I am often disappointed. I have found that magical author, Katherine Owen.Tally and Linc truly are EPIC as they themselves, and all their cohorts continually remind us. Is it fate? Is it a curse? The right place at the wrong time, the wrong place at the right time. Are they blessed, or meant to suffer? The course of true love never ran smooth ... is it better to have loved and lost .... all of those rhetorical questions, the meaning of life, love and universe, you name it, it is endless. I spend so much time rooting for these characters, questioning what my own responses would be if it were my husband. I cheered for Tally moving on, while at the same time crying because she just might actually move on. I cheered for Linc's miniscule progress, and berated him for not being more persistent with his "people".This is a book that just needs to be experienced, to go through the motions with these characters, all of them. Even the secondary supporting characters make a huge impact. I truly don't want to give anything away about this book, so I will very carefully say that Tally and Linc have a very special connection, one that can't be understood by outsiders, and may not even be fully understood by themselves. Each is famous in their own right and deals with the spotlight, the media, the stress of career and the impact that has on their relationships. Each is surrounded by people who are well meaning in their desire to protect, insulate, and often smother for all the right reasons, which turns out to seem more like manipulation. Is a lie a lie if it is meant to protect? Having not read the first book, I wanted to know more about Moscow than was slowly being dribbled my way. I wanted to know more about the panic attacks, the baby, how Tally and Linc made it to the little church on the shore. I absolutely have to read the first book now, but was able to navigate this book without the former knowledge.At first the author's writing style took a little getting used to. The constant reaffirmations, the internal dialogue, the repetition of some phrases, seemed annoying. Then I realized that was the way inside the characters' headspace, experience that moment of panic, the confusion right along with them.Just read it! It is fantastic! less
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Epic. Love these two. Want more!
Absolutely loved this series.
love the tally, linc story
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