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The Help (2009)

by Kathryn Stockett(Favorite Author)
4.44 of 5 Votes: 3
0399155341 (ISBN13: 9780399155345)
Penguin Group G.P. Putnam's Sons Amy Einhorn Books
review 1: I was fully prepared to not love this book, thinking it would have a clichéd writing style and tell a familiar story - but I was so wrong! The dialect writing was, at first, jolting - and I still feel like it was forced at times from this young white writer - but otherwise, it was a page-turner and a story I really cared about, more than most stories I've read lately. I never cry when reading books, but this one brought me awfully close to some happy tears several times towards the end. A quick read and a lovely one at that.
review 2: This was such an amazing book with beautiful writing. I picked up this book after watching the movie, I decided well the movie was not that bad so they book is probably pretty good (usually the movie adaptation are not as good as
... more the book in my opinion) Well this book did not disappoint. The story follows two maids and a women that goes by the name Skeeter. We begin to see the untold story and unseen and ignored world of what the help (maids and child caretakers) had to deal with during the time of segregation and how they were treated like second hand citizens even though they were the one responsible of running the households. less
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Fun to read, brought up great social issues back in the 50's and 60's.
Intriguing and eye opening. One of my personal favorites.
Loved it!!
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