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The Importance Of Being Alice (2000)

by Katie MacAlister(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 5
0451471377 (ISBN13: 9780451471376)
Ainslie Brothers
review 1: 3.5 starsWhat a fun, light read!The Importance of Being Alice centers around Alice Wood and Elliott Ainslie, two strangers sharing a suite on a European river cruise. Alice has just been dumped by Patrick, the man she was planning to take the trip with and marry. Now she’s decided to pick up the pieces and enjoy the trip, even if she’s doing it alone. Elliott is an up-tight English Baron with a very large overbearing family, and when Patrick calls to give him his ticket for the cruise Elliott accepts thinking it will be an escape from his family so he can get some work done. Neither expects to find the other as they start their journey but it may be the best thing to happen to them both.I really enjoyed the dual POV’s of the story and really found myself liking Ellio... morett. He is wound so tight and seems completely consumed by work and family duties, but once he starts letting Alice in, he really becomes a wonderful character. Alice is definitely the very opposite of Elliott; she’s spontaneous and adventurous and she’s definitely a lot quirky!Their story was fun, with some unexpected surprises for the two of them. It was definitely an enjoyable read with quirky characters, fabulous and witty banter, good chemistry and even kinky sex clubs.I look forward to reading more from Katie MacAlister when I’m in the mood for light, fun characters to make me smile.I was provided with a complimentary copy for review for SMIBookClub.
review 2: The Importance of Being Alice is a fun, flirty read with hints of British charm. Totally engaging read that really sets the tone for the rest of the series to come. There is heartache by a broken almost engagement and mix up over cruise travel arrangements but all this is dealt with by a light tough. This makes this zany book such an amusing read. Katie MacAlister brings her wonderful sense of humor to this new contemporary romance that are in her paranormal books.Elliot ‘s need for peace and quiet clashes with Alice’s exuberance in the beginning giving the needed tension that quickly turns into something far different. I enjoyed the changes that their relationship went through as the story progress. His unusual wacky family and the run down castle adds to the fast pace plot. With all the interesting Ainslies hanging around, hopefully there will be many more wonderful stories to follow. This is a great beginning to the series.Copy provided by NetGalley for an honest review. less
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3 Stars. A light hearted, romantic romp with plenty of chuckles.
Great start. Funny. Looking forward to the series.
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