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His Secret Past (2012)

by Katie Reus(Favorite Author)
3.72 of 5 Votes: 5
1426892942 (ISBN13: 9781426892943)
Carina Press
review 1: After reading His Secret Past I was a little worn out (in a good way). I love when romantic suspense does that to me. I can’t put the book down until I know things will turn out okay. I tried to find breaks in the story where I was satisfied enough to put the book down, but just couldn't. One chapter rolled into the next and the action or romance never quite stopped. In this story Hunter, a DEA agent, has been on undercover work for six years. In the process he uncovers a dirty CIA agent who blackmails him into working with him and things get a little messy from there. Unfortunately, that same CIA agent also threatens Hunter with his former love interest Alexis when he thinks Hunter is going to turn him in. He hasn't seen Alexis in six years. Hunter then goes to ch... moreeck on her, finds out he has a son, and the ride begins. They are on the run from there to try. The problem is Hunter isn't sure who he can trust to help him make a case against the agent. It is up to Hunter to protect those he loves while also clearing his own name and stop the chase that he finds himself and his family involved.Katie does a great job balancing the suspense with the romance in this book. She gives you just enough information to keep up in the story but not enough so you are following along with Hunter and Alexis and don’t know who trust either. I thought the addition of Jonathan really made the story because who can’t relate to a mother and father trying to protect their son? I was on edge throughout the book and often wanted to yell at Alexis and Hunter about a situation or what to do for fear that something would happen to Jonathan or one of them. I love stories about second chances and Hunter and Alexis get their second chance in this one. Intimate scenes are a big deal for me. I don’t like books that have intimate scenes thrown in just to make a book steamier when they don’t fit the story. Katie did a good job balancing this in the book. They scenes were appropriate to the characters, the story and were written well. If you are looking for a book with plenty of suspense, action, intrigue, romance, and family love, I highly recommend this book!
review 2: WOW This book is just Awesome! I really loved this story! There is so much suspense in it! I kept going back to Katie Reus's webpage thinking this wasn't the first book to a series, but it's a stand alone book, just has a lot of mystery in it - but it all comes out towards the end :) OH WOW ! I really enjoyed reading this one. I was hoping to start the New Year off with a really good book, and I"m glad I did! The story starts off 2 days after Hunter left the Panama Jungle. And the first place he goes to after 6 years in the Jungle, Alexis's house. He knew he didn't have a future with her. He knew she had to have moved on with her life, but he had to make sure she was safe. But what Hunter wasn't expecting, was the little boy who came bouncing out the front door. Was he watching the right house? That's when she stepped outside. He stopped breathing.She was just a beautiful as ever.. After making a phone call to a friend, he followed them. Making sure she was safe would require his undivided attention. He didn't want her to see him. That would disrupt her life. And even though his feelings for her hadn't changed in 6 years, he couldn't do that to her. He wasn't the same guy she knew back then. He had done a lot of horrible things, and he knew she would never be able to forgive him for that. Meanwhile, after dropping Jonathan off at school, Alexis was at the bridal store for her final fitting of her wedding dress. Michael had surprised her and took the day off work to take her to lunch. She liked Michael. It wasn't love, but he adored Jonathan and treated him like his own son. She respected Michael, and cared for him, and that was enough for her. After they left the shop, Alexis spotted the SUV across the street. It looked like the same SUV that was in front of her house, as she walked around, she peered inside the windshield and saw him... She couldn't take her eyes off him, and it seemed like he couldn't take his eyes off her. When Michael asked her who that was, she started to back up, without losing eye contact, she asked Michael to take her home. "Was that Jonathan's father?" She didn't trust her voice, so she just nodded.When Michael opened the door for her, and started to walk her up to the house, she turned to him and told him she needed to be alone. He wasn't happy about being pushed away.. again, but he left. When Alexis stepped out of the bath tub, her mind still a mess from who she saw, a shadowed figure stood in her bathroom doorway. "Where is the kid?" he asked.. She slammed the door and locked it into place. After baring the door shut, before she had time to even think of any other plan of action, ther ewas a bang on the door. She heard muted movements and loud shouts just outside. Then nothing but silence. Finally she heard a sof knock on the door and a voice she knew all too well call her name. "Alexis? Are you okay? Hunter's deep voice hadn't changed. Hunter was glad he was there to help her, but he hated the look in her eyes. She was angry at him for leaving her, and he couldn't blame her. And now her life was in danger, all because of him. He had to get her to leave with him. But she was a stubborn girl. And she had a son she had to think about. Hunter told her to pack a bag and meet him downstairs. But after a few mins, he realized that she wasn't going to come along willingly like that. He knew she'd be thinking of her son first.And when he opened the bedroom door and saw the empty suitcase and Alexis leaning halfway out the 2 story bedroom window. Pulling her back into the house, he threw her on the bed. She squirmed to get away, but he knew how to hold her down. After a few threats, she stopped squirming. And Hunter realized that he had to do whatever it took to keep this woman safe. He couldn't let anything happen to her... or his son.. This story was great (I know I already said that :) I loved the intensity of Hunter's Passion towards Alexis, and once he found out he was a father, the paternal instinct kicked in and he couldn't help but want nothing more than to protect his son. The pieces start to fall together with the secrets of Hunter's past as they start to catch up with him. He didn't know who to trust anymore. Hunter was afraid to make the wrong decision and put Alexis and Jonathan in danger.He knew no matter what that after they were safe, he would walk out of their lives. It wouldn't be easy, but it was what was best. Stubborn fool! :) less
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Everything I've come to expect from Katie Reus: sexy, suspenseful and emotionally satisfying..
I didn't like this much. Too many characters jumbled up and too predictable. Even for me.
This book could have been so much more interesting. For me it lacked "meat".
Loved it!!!! Better review to come later
Okey Dokey
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