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The Lady Astronomer (2012)

by Katy O'Dowd(Favorite Author)
3.72 of 5 Votes: 2
Untold Press
review 1: This is a charming piece of steampunk/Victoriana that is both fantastical and well-fashioned, like a Forty Foot telescope. The book follows the adventures of Lucretia H and her two brothers. The whole family has a knack for inventing, creating, science, and attracting a wide and varied menagerie of persons, animals, and clockworks. The story was well-paced, the characters were vividly drawn, and thoroughly enjoyable. There were parts that even had me laughing out loud. When the story takes a darker turn, one can't help but worry for Lucretia and root for her as her family and friends turn the tables on the people who are trying to raise themselves at her expense. The genre is YA, but I feel this could be enjoyed by an adult reader as well - I know I... more did.
review 2: Historical Sci-Fi Fantasy. This book was not in the genre I would normally read. However it is an interesting story filled with natural and magical creatures. The story starts off from the perspective of a flea. Then moves to girl with a pet lemur and owl. While the animals didn't talk to her, she certainly talked to them. A bit later her brother arrives with word they are moving to build a gigantic telescope for the king. While packing up their businesses a fire breaks out as the brass orchestra comes to life to rescue her other brother. If you enjoy some fantasy with your history this book is right up your alley. less
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Enjoyable and pure escapism. It was the first steampunk I'd ever read and I really liked it.
Strange mixture of utter fantasy and history - didn´t sit well for me.
Nice shorter book, very fun! Good fantacy, steam punk.
Steampunk , with lots of fun.
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