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The Story Of Land And Sea: A Novel (2014)

by Katy Simpson Smith(Favorite Author)
3.12 of 5 Votes: 2
0062335944 (ISBN13: 9780062335944)
review 1: I enjoyed this book and parts of it are well written, but I do not think the author really thought it through. The author builds up interest and care for three different characters who then disappear or wander off. At the end, she picks up the story of Moll but ends the book with that story unfinished. It felt like three different loosely connected novellas that wind down before completion. What's original about the novel is that a female slave is portrayed as having agency.
review 2: I really wanted to give this book a good review but I found it very disjointed in its structure. I received this novel in FirstReads so I felt the need to finish it and give a thoughtful review. After Tab died, I pretty much gave up and said to myself, "What was the point of th
... moreis book?" Maybe I just wasn't in the proper frame of mind to enjoy this book but, at the time, it was just too sad and desperate. I have to give credit to Ms. Smith for writing a novel that really had a good handle on the prose. Beautiful imagery, actually and I enjoyed the father/daughter relationship, until it ended abruptly. I think her work will continue to get better with time; especially if the plots become a bit more hopeful. less
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Poignant writing, but sad to the point of hopelessness which I'm not sure was the author's intent.
Boring. Read in about an hour, skimmed through a lot of lines.
Just could not stay interested.
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