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Cover Up (2012)

by K.C. Burn(Favorite Author)
3.66 of 5 Votes: 3
1623802385 (ISBN13: 9781623802387)
Dreamspinner Press
Toronto Tales
review 1: 3.5 stars. While this wasn't as good as the first one, it was still an enjoyable story. As long as you don't compare the two, or expect something as good as the last, it's certainly a better story than many in the genre. Problems are the constant misunderstandings between the characters, which can be heart wrenching, but it's used far too often. Worse, Ivan just isn't using his brain as I would expect from an seasoned cop. Granted, he isn't in his right mind, but he was making some very rookie mistakes, mistakes that I would expect of a 19 year old who has no business being in the job he has. If more was made of Ivan's deteriorating mental condition from his perspective, maybe that would have helped, but I suspect I'd still be frustrated with him. There was just so much th... moreat flew in the face or common sense and reality. However, I loved the chemistry between the mc's, and that's what saves this novel. Parker is adorable, and I really feel for him and his struggles with his self esteem and trust issues. I wish there was more than the few sex scenes we get because Burn has a gift for writing great sex scenes.
review 2: Cover Up by KC Burn is the second story in the m/m ‘Toronto’ series and details the travails of Detective Ivan Bekker who is reeling from the complications ensuing after a raid when he is abruptly sent on a covert undercover mission by his boss, Inspector Sergio Martelli. Parker Wakefield is suspected of being a rising star with the local Russian mafia head and Ivan is tasked with getting proof therefore he applies to be a roommate while pretending to be a divorced heterosexual man. Unfortunately, there are plenty of conflicts for Ivan to deal with, not least of which is his attraction to his suspect, and there may be no way to avoid choosing between his duty and his heart.This story combines a bit of romantic suspense with a m/m erotic romance and provides an entertaining light read. I was a little disappointed in the meek personality of Parker, who has been treated poorly and has had a poor self-image due to his past and I thought it was a little hard to believe that he was so naive about quite a few things. The awkward position that Ivan finds himself in and the conflicts that he must grapple with while coping with the traumatic experience that he has undergone seem a little difficult to believe, especially when he goes under the radar without explaining his assignment to his partner at the very least. I enjoyed the cameos by some of those characters from the first novella in the series and look forward to reading more adventures of these dedicated police officers and the men who capture their hearts.© Night Owl ReviewsI received a copy of this title in return for an honest review. less
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Book 2 of the series ... A great story ... Like the dynamic between the characters.
Liked this one a lot more than the first.
love this series
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