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Malice: A Mystery (2014)

by Keigo Higashino(Favorite Author)
3.27 of 5 Votes: 8
1250035600 (ISBN13: 9781250035608)
Minotaur Books
Kyoichiro Kaga series
review 1: This is the third book by Higashino translated into English and the third I've read as well. It's very well done. Told through the notebooks/notes of a detective and the written statements of a suspect. I think the structure of it makes it effectively twisty. If you look at the table of contents you'll see a section in the middle of the book that suggests that the mystery is solved--but of course it isn't. Everything seems provisional. And you see what the detective sees, to a large extent, which gives it a strong puzzle-solving element. Overall I would recommend it for those who like cool clinical puzzle mysteries. I hope more of these are translated.
review 2: This is my third read of Higashimo mysteries. I read books by him with the expectation
... moreof sinking into a fantastic tale with twists and turns that I find fascinating. I have never figured out the culprit in his whodunits before the final revelation. All of his books are works of art. Malice is as beautifully written as his others. They're smart, intelligent and gripping mysteries that keep me reading until my eyes give out! This novel delves into the past that entwined the victim and the suspect to bring them to this point.This is a great read for those who love a surprising tale with unexpected discoveries on every page. less
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A little slow but held my interest. Read like a translation--probably better in Japanese!
You've never been beaten by a detective like this, before! Worth the read...
Complex mystery for those who love an intellectual feast.
Library Reads October 2014
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