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Salvation Of A Saint (2012)

by Keigo Higashino(Favorite Author)
3.67 of 5 Votes: 5
0312600682 (ISBN13: 9780312600686)
Minotaur Books
Detective Galileo
review 1: The book opens with Yoshitaka Mashiba telling his wife Ayane that he is going to divorce her because they have been married a year and she has not conceived a child. It is not long before Yoshitaka is poisoned while Ayane is on a trip to visit her parents. Detective Kusanagi investigates diligently but is hampered by his feelings for Ayane. Young female detective Utsumi is more objective but is at a loss to explain how the crime was committed. She turns to physics professor Yukawa (Professor Galileo) to come up with a theory. A very tightly written (and translated) mystery.
review 2: Move over Hercules Poirot! Manabu Yukawa a.k.a Professor Galileo will take over from here! Keigo Higashino delivers a crime fiction that keeps the reader in the throes of susp
... moreense and sleeplessness! 'Salvation of a Saint' is the dwindling and dawn of hopes, the ebb and tide of emotions and the scintillating unraveling of a crime that is perverse in its evolution and perfect in its execution! An 'un-putdownable' cover-to-cover marvel! less
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Not as powerful as The Devotion of Suspect X, and a bit slow in the middle, but still great.
finished it in one go.
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