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The Devotion Of Suspect X (2005)

by Keigo Higashino(Favorite Author)
4.12 of 5 Votes: 5
0312375069 (ISBN13: 9780312375065)
Minotaur Books
Detective Galileo
review 1: A truely ingenious plot with one of THE MOST STUNNING TWISTS I HAVE EVER READ!(Keigo gives clues all along, but one never notices!) Ishigami(Mathematics) and Yukawa(Physics) and the battle of their minds with scientific view points thrown in make this a THRILLING read. Suspense is built up, only to give it a stunner of a twist! Also we get a glimpse of Japan, their lifestyles, and the effect of economic turbulence. Highly Recommended!
review 2: Found this book on a whim the first time I went into Mystery Lovers bookstore. When I went to check out, the lady assisting me was very excited and told me that it was one of her favorites in the store. I had super high hopes, and they were mostly met!The book starts out kind of slow, but the last 30-40 pages are worth 5
... more stars bc of the various twists and turns. It was very atmospheric and the characterization is top-notch in my opinion. I enjoyed reading about Japanese culture and how investigations there may be led. It made me wonder about criminal law in Japan. I will definitely be back to the shop for sequels and more mystery, since it's not something I usually read. less
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Excellent plot but I don't like the end of the story. Honestly, it is very gloomy.
Yugawa là nhân vật đồi bại nhất trong cuốn sách này.
good psychological and philosophical thriller, but very dry
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