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A Beautiful Evil (2012)

by Kelly Keaton(Favorite Author)
4.17 of 5 Votes: 1
1442409274 (ISBN13: 9781442409279)
Simon Pulse
Gods & Monsters
review 1: And the saga continues.Still no cliff hangers here and that's just the way I want it.Reading this book reminds me of the show CSI. Each episode has a case to solve and sets a different tone for the characters. As you progress from one episode to the next, you see characters grow and eventually a major antagonist is revealed. Each episode also brings us how the character/s brings her down (well, eventually right?).Again, not a waste of time if you ask me.
review 2: 3.8 stars.After reading the first book, I thought something was missing.g but I couldn't figure it out. Boy now I realize it's poor character relationship building. These characters didn't get to know each other and form a bond. The bond just magically appeared. There was more focus on the setting tha
... moren on the background and relationships between characters. Overall it's a great book. Great story and great mystery. less
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Great, fast read! I read it in about a day, and couldn't wait to start on the next one.
This book was definitely what I expected of the final book.
A perfectly written novel!!
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