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Gece Oturumları (2008)

by Ken MacLeod(Favorite Author)
3.56 of 5 Votes: 4
Aylak Kitap
review 1: I liked the near future world of this book, and the exploration of what a society in the middle of a big backlash against religion would look like. The physical layout of the book bugged me--the scenes would change abruptly and completely with no visual indicator, so I had many "wait, what?" moments. The ending was also kind of unsatisfying--the more I think about it, the less I understand how the A-B of the book leads to the C of the conclusion. In fact the conclusion is sort of like a 4--not only jumping some steps, but on a different calculating system altogether.
review 2: Although a world in which all religion was outlawed sounds like a great idea, this was not a great book. It was basically a detective story dressed up in a science fiction costume. In oth
... moreer words, there was not enough of the science fiction. What was the purpose of the space elevators? Why were there two? More details about the Faith Wars were also needed. Many characters were introduced and details about their lives were provided, but then their storylines went nowhere (eg, Dave Warsaw, Cornelius Vermeulen). Maybe this aspect is just because I am not from Scotland, but the writing and language just seemed too colloquially Scottish. Perhaps this was just in my edition of the book, but there was no separation between paragraphs related to completely different parts of the story. Even one extra line would have been helpful to know that we were skipping from one place to another! less
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Good but less depth in certain areas than I'd hoped for. Terrific ideas and concepts.
Did not finish this book. Got about 1/4 through, couldn't get into it.
cracking read - a real page turner...
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