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Antibohyně (2014)

by Kendare Blake(Favorite Author)
3.7 of 5 Votes: 3
Goddess War
review 1: The Greek gods are still with us - but they're dying out. Hermes' body is, essentially, consuming itself; Athena's is sprouting feathers, quill first. Hera is turning to stone, but with Poseidon and Aphrodite, is trying to kill the other gods because she believes it will cure her and those gods who are on her side (she's probably wrong...). Only the prophet Cassandra can decide their fate - or so it seems (at least Demeter hints it's possible).This is an interesting updating of myth. The prose flows nicely and the characters are much more interesting as they begin to run out of immortality in ways unique to each individual. Add legendary hero Odysseus to the mix and things get even more interesting.Antigoddess is fast-paced, character driven fun.I've already begun the sequ... moreel and it seems pretty spiffy, too, so far.
review 2: This book was a nice surprise. I had read mixed reviews, but the fact that this book was about the Greek gods, well I had to give it a chance. I loved how the book started out, and the writing is so detailed. You immediately start out with Athena and Hermes, trekking across a desert while feathers are sprouting out inside Athena's body while Hermes' is slowly being eaten away by his. Ms Blake did an exceptional job of making her characters relatable. I rooted for Athena and her group, especially since Ms. Blake did an awesome job on her villains. Cassandra really wasn't a favorite of mine though. I couldn't make myself like her all that much, but I did love this book and was really pleased by it overall! The mythology was probably what made the book the most memorable for me. Athena's perspective on her family's history was wonderful. less
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I have mixed feelings about this...Hmmm.... have to wait for full and honest review
I really missed reading a book as beautiful as this one.
This book was awesome can't wait for the next one!!!!
why did I purchase this
Apollo, Apollo. :(
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