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Mortal Gods (2014)

by Kendare Blake(Favorite Author)
4.01 of 5 Votes: 2
1408330776 (ISBN13: 9781408330777)
Tor Teen
Goddess War
review 1: Most of the time, reimaginings of gods are larger than life, but somehow that makes them hollow inside. They're doomed to repeat the same actions and emotions over and over. Maybe they're just very stylized human beings. I can enjoy all kinds of versions like that, but Kendare Blake's goddesses, gods, and heroes are the most vivid and realistic I think I've ever seen. They're fully-realized people, with conflicting emotions and multilayered motivations. They're splendid, powerful, with the bearing and pride of gods, but they still have their famous foibles. Their best qualities are also their worst qualities, depending on the situation. The relationships are intricate and fascinating. Many of the characters are family, others are friends or enemies, and still others are al... morelies who hate each other. It's really interesting to read about a tight-knit team where the relationships are so varied, rather than being a basically one-note "We're committed to each other until the end" group of friends. I'm really happy with the number and centrality of female characters, and how they all have different personalities and roles. Blake uses a lot of POVs, but she does it effortlessly. I love seeing multiple characters' thoughts and emotions and getting to know all of them. With my rational, non-fangirling brain, I will admit that maybe we didn't get very far in this book. We're kind of back where we started, only with fewer surviving characters. They spent a lot of time arguing about stuff and going to look for things but not being able to find them. I'm just glad we get a third book.
review 2: I don't normally read "young adult" books as they have a tendency of lacking a certain sophistication (in writing technique) that I enjoy in adult books, but let me just say this book left me pleasantly surprised!Style of writing is attention grabbing, concepts and characters are well realized, and the storyline had a little something for everyone (of different genre preferences) to enjoy.Well done and I truly can't wait to read more. less
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Goddamn trilogies they get me every time, what a great read
ODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
Available 10/14/14
Huh it got better.
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