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Green Washed: Why We Can't Buy Our Way To A Green Planet (2012)

by Kendra Pierre-Louis(Favorite Author)
3.33 of 5 Votes: 1
193543943X (ISBN13: 9781935439431)
Ig Publishing
review 1: I can't imagine there being a stronger case put forward against not just the practice of green-washing, but of rampant consumerism in general. It also strongly slams the idea that technology will safe us from our impending ecological doom, and instead posits that technology ("sustainable" or not) is just allowing us to continue business as usual, while ignoring the underlying issues or impact. Implicit in it's criticisms of Western consumerist culture is the advocacy of "simple-living" and buying less (in this case, as little as possible). This has made me start thinking and has spurred me to ask questions about the things I buy: how was it manufactured, where did the materials come from and so on. The reason I give this a 3/5 is because there are grammatical errors and aw... morekward sentences in a few places that were really annoying, and undermine the "ethos" of the author and the work. That is not a good thing when you are trying to persuade.
review 2: This has to be one of the most poorly written books I've encountered in a while. The author writes like I did in the ninth grade. She seems to think that a convoluted sentence structure makes her sound smart, when really it just makes it hard to follow the sentence. She's also a huge fan of unnecessary scare quotes. The sheer number of basic grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes was unbelievable. I had to check out the publisher's website, as I was unfamiliar with them and I wondered why they published something so badly written. They seem to pride themselves on not being a mainstream publisher. Well, you know what mainstream publishers have? Editors. This book could have used one in a major way.That said, I still tried to slog on through the book because the topic interested me. It wasn't worth it. Every chapter basically boiled down to the point the author already made in the introduction: even if you buy "green" versions of consumer products, buying more than you need is still bad for the planet. This is not exactly a groundbreaking revelation. I finally gave up at about page 65 or so. less
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awesome! made me rethink my habits and what I can do better
Great book for anyone interested in green living.
Good info that everyone should be aware of
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