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Still Human (2013)

by Kerry Heavens(Favorite Author)
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Just Human
review 1: I should have listened to my instincts. I don't know what it was, I loved the first book and I just had a feeling I should have stopped there. It ended on a cliffhanger, but I knew Danny and Liv would get their HEA, so I should have just left it alone. But alas, I tried. And I was aggravated!First of all, for the first 38% of the book, Liv is a total cow. I was so frustrated with her, I could have screamed. All the "prove it, prove it, poor me, he didn't love me enough" crap was tiring. So at about 40% it gets a bit better, but now Danny has turned into some oversensitive, crying, whining, insecure, sad sad man. Gee I wonder why, maybe because he was totally getting beaten down by a vengeful, bratty Liv for the first 38% of the book!Then, it was predictable. SO predicta... moreble. So text book, the reason people make fun of romance novels predictable. I felt like the author just gave up.I powered through because I hate not finishing books, but I was so glad this book was over. The end was rushed to bring it all to an end and for the first time I didn't mind.
review 2: Well I LOVE this story just as much if not more. I am selfish enough to hope for another book as well. I want to know if Max will take Liv up on her offer, I want to see if there are more kids around and if they will also turn into best friends. I really love that there was so much sweetness and insight into the characters lives, this was a nice change to all the drama filled stories I have been reading lately. less
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Meh. The first book was so much better. I found myself annoyed with Liv for most of this book.
Oh I'm SO happy with this sweet ending :). Easy fast fun read!
Eh...flat. Found myself skimming a lot.
I'm a sucker for a good love story ;)
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