Drive Time – Hank Phillippi Ryan

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On The Back:

Drive Time: the Agatha and Anthony nominee from bestselling author Hank Phillippi Ryan, now back in print!

Investigative reporter Charlotte McNally is an expert at keeping things confidential, but suddenly everyone has a secret–and it turns out it is possible to know too much.

Her latest scoop–an expose of a counterfeit car scam, complete with stakeouts, high-speed chases and hidden-camera footage–is ratings gold. But soon that leads her to a brand-new and diabolical scheme. Charlie’s personal and professional lives are on a collision course, too. Her fiance is privy to information about threats at an elite private school that have turned deadly.

Charlie had never counted on happy endings. But now, just as she’s finally starting to believe in second changes, she realizes revenge, extortion and murder may leave her alone again–or even dead…

My Thoughts:

If you’ve followed my blog for very long you’ll know that Hank Phillippi Ryan is one of my absolute favorite writers. She has a knack for creating real, believable characters and putting them in thrilling situations. It’s wonderful, and Drive Time was no let down!

Charlie is everything you’d expect a super-successful reporter to be. She’s honest, determined, and unrelenting. It’s a wonderful combination! I love Josh, Penny, and J.T. (A new character introduced), but I have to admit that Franklin grated on my nerves for most of this book. Even after some revelations came to light, his mood and overall attitude still rubbed me the wrong way.

The mystery was above average, as always. There were so many things going at once, but at the end they all wrapped up nicely. This book ended with a lot of changes happening in the character’s personal lives, and I can’t help but feel that this was a good place to end this foursome of books.

Though it ended nicely, I will still read another Charlie McNally mystery the second it comes out (if another one does, indeed, come out). Highly recommend this series and the Jane Ryland series also written by Hank Phillippi Ryan. Do yourself a favor and go buy the first in both series. You won’t regret it!

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