The return of the Editor

Good evening good Sirs and Mad’ms!

Today I have not been idle. At least not when coming to taking and editing photos.

Okay well I haven’t been that keen on taking photos to be honest, but I have, however, taken up some photo editing again. I’m a bit rusty though, I don’t seem to be able to find a direction for my editing and coloring as easily as I did a few years ago, but I daresay that will return if I manage to keep this up (btw, I’m actually note sure what you call it when you work with photos in, like, photoshop, in english – in swedish it’s called “redigera”, but I’m not sure editing is the right word for it? Any views on this matter?)

Anyhow – I’ve been working this weekend, which was really pleasant since it was with my two closest colleagues – or friends, actually, they’re more than colleagues – and it kept my mind off the other kind of work tomorrow. I’m so ready to quit the library this instant, but I have about 20 shifts left… I’m counting down the days… I just want to quit now, and start my hairdresser education now.

I was thinking of doing a christmas wish-list post sometime in the near future, because people tend to do that and I thought it could be a good way to start getting into photoshop again since I’d want to make it like a collage, and I’d get to cut and paste and be creative. What do you think of that?

Oh never mind, you don’t actually have a say in this after all. One of the peaks of being the blog owner I should say!

Well, have a good one, I’ll try to write again soon