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Black Rabbit Summer (2008)

by Kevin Brooks(Favorite Author)
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0545057523 (ISBN13: 9780545057523)
Chicken House
review 1: A quick read, I was really attached to the characters and wanted to get through it to the end. However I was bitterly disappointed by the ending (as a few others were I see) by the fact that Raymond was just gone, and that was just how it goes with Pete. For someone who seemed to love and care for him I couldn't believe he would just allow it to be wrapped up like that. I would still be worried, still be upset, even moreso that a wasted attempt to find Stella had occurred when my own friend could still be found. It was just disappointing. I also am assuming that the fact it was such a big deal about Wes and Eric's relationship as well was because this book was published in 2008, so that didn't bother me too much.
review 2: Black Rabbit Summer is a dark and g
... moreritty young adult read. Pete Boland decides to reconnect with some old friends at the local carnival and things turn bad quickly. When two of Pete's friends turn up missing after the carnival no one is above suspicion. The author details how the friendships start to unravel and how everyone has something to hide. I thought the book was well written but I would have liked more insight into each of the characters. Pete's character was well developed but we weren't given as much insight into some of the other secondary characters and what made them tick. I was particularly interested in Stella's background because she seemed like a sociopath. It seemed like she resented the fact that her parents chose to offer her a more simple life and not expose her to the darker side of fame. The ending wasn't neat and tidy but I was fine with that because real life typically doesn't have those types of resolutions. I enjoyed this book and will definitely be reading other books by this author. less
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I think it's rated for over 12. Over-all it's an okay book
Libro "da grandi"... Attenti che fa paura...
Interesting, nail-biting, involving...
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