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Caffeine For A Marine (2007)

by Kiernan Kelly(Favorite Author)
3.29 of 5 Votes: 5
Torquere Press
review 1: Hell of a short story, I have to say!xDTo make it clear to everyone - this story is not much about an actual "story" or any plot in particular. Not even talking about one whole day - just one specific date.No long introductions, you get thrown straight (teehee) in the water (read "scene"), but still it didn´t bother me in this story at all.I would say it´s a perfect material for some porn stories websites since the story is built on the sex scene and not much anything else.:DThough, somehow I liked it:D It was very readable and I personally am very curious about F.B.´s days in the military:DDD Matt wasn´t much described (yeah, visually yes, but anything else?), so maybe that´s why I got fixated on F.B. instead.So yeah, all in all, I´d recommend this one to all of you... more who are into hot sex scene´s and don´t mind a lack of depth. It´s simply a good read for short relax time.
review 2: Why, oh, why do I have to read a crappy story when I decide on something different? I’m not fond of same-sex stories, I grew up reading stories with f/m couples and it’s a bit difficult veering of course. I don’t mind giving it a try, though, which I proved. I just wish those tries would prove fruitions in the form of a good, solid plot.Well, this one wasn’t one of those. A mere PWP with a former marine and his date going for it in the Starbucks bathroom. I wouldn’t have minded a little more character development, maybe a little more conversation, a little back story would’ve been nice…But I guess it was too much to ask. Lucky for me it was a freebie. less
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Short, hot and sweet. Can't wait to read more by this author.
*downloaded free at ARE
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