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Finding The Baby Jesus (2012)

by Kimball Fisher(Favorite Author)
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TFG Press
review 1: Finding the baby Jesus is a beautiful story and perfect for this time of year. Chris is your typical teenager complaining that he isn't getting the perfect present he wants for Christmas but underneath he is boy still grieving for his grandma who he cared for deeply and thinking about the Christmas traditions that are no more as his grandmother isn't around anymore. Finding the baby Jesus is a story that reminds you of the real meaning of Christmas. It is not getting the present you want or it being commercialized as it now is ,but it is about family and friends, the birth of Jesus and remembering that not everyone has a family to spread Christmas with and that we are forunate to have a roof over are head and family to care about us.Kimball Fisher has done a wonderful job ... morewith this short and sweet story that will remind you what you are grateful for and the true meaning of Christmas with Midway, Utah setting the scene!
review 2: Finding the Baby Jesus is the perfect quick read to put you in the spirit of Christmas. This short story evoked all the tender and sweet feelings of the Christmas season. It was a good reminder of the things that are most important. My favorite part was where Chris finds a place to himself, alone, where he can think about things. In those quiet moments he feels both the bitter and the sweet and then is prompted to do good. It was a timely reminder of the good feeling you get when you can help someone else. less
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I so love Christmas stories and this is one to add to my favorites.
Sweet story! Review to come in December closer to Christmas!
A great story to read with your family.
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