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Pushing The Line (2014)

by Kimberly Kincaid(Favorite Author)
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The Line
review 1: As soon as Aaron featured in the previous book I figured him for a future hero and was glad to be proven right. I liked Aaron and Harper as a match. I really liked how the other couples have come together as their own family and how the women from the previous books welcomed Harper. I'm not sure I understood Harper's "I'm not sure where I belong / if I can settle" issue but I did like reading about her and Aaron and how they figured i out.Overall an enjoyable read.
review 2: Harper is a runner, not literally, but she won’t or can’t sit still. The only commitment that has stuck with her is to remain uncommitted. So, we start the story and Harper is almost defiantly immature: her grandmother’s sudden death and being named the beneficiary of both her ho
... moreuse and candy shop Luscious, send her into a panic. When a sudden electrical fire threatens to gut the building that houses the candy shop before Harper can arrange to sell off the property and get on the move again, her plans are thrown into turmoil. Alex is the son of the town’s scions, and a bit of a black sheep. Never one to turn from a challenge, he turned down a seat on the board of the family’s company to pursue a career as a firefighter who needs the adrenaline boost from skydiving, shooting rapids and rock climbing. These two characters are made for each other: where Harper is unsettled and unsure, Alex is both completely comfortable in himself and willing to give her the space she needs to make her choices. Their sparks are undeniable and palpable, and some steamy action does serve to heat up the pages. Harper is at once vulnerable and so freaking stubborn that she needs a good shake: Alex’s repeated declaration that he can handle everything she dishes out doesn’t seem to sink in even after she lets go of the wall around her hurt and fear. Conversations and interactions feel real and bring the reader a sense of the true enjoyment and regard that all of the characters have for one another. This is a group of people that you want to be around, and know that once they have accepted you into their midst, you are never getting away from them: support, interference and well-intentioned slaps upside the head arrive with equal frequency and ferocity, all delivered with a sense of family and togetherness. I’ve not read any of the Line books before, but this was a great introduction to Kincaid’s writing and is sure to be a favorite setting for contemporary romance fans. I received an eArc copy from the author for purpose of honest review for Tasty Book Tours. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility. less
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I LOVED this whole series! Books 2 and 4 are my absolute favorites! Reviews to come
Short/sweet romance...Loved it!! Have to look for more from Kimberly Kincaid!!
Pushing The Line was a cute little story. Great for in-between reading.
I'd rate this as 3.5
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