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Still Sucks To Be Me: More All-True Confessions Of Mina Hamilton Smith, Teen Vampire (2010)

by Kimberly Pauley(Favorite Author)
3.97 of 5 Votes: 2
0786955031 (ISBN13: 9780786955039)
Sucks to Be Me
review 1: Fun book about a newly vamped girl, Mina, who has to deal with tons of frustrating hidden agendas (including her own). I loved the self-actualization at the end...both Mina's and Serena's, that took them both out of their daily dramas and made them think of the bigger, more important things in life and of how love is truly expressed. This is a great book for younger teen readers and those of us who are young at heart. The cartoons made me laugh.
review 2: Mina Hamilton, now Mina Smith after she and her parents were forced to fake their own deaths and move to Cartville, Louisiana, is having trouble adjusting to her new life as a small-town vampire. Although she and her best friend, Serena, are still secretly in touch, her boyfriend George seems to have disappe
... moreared off the face of the earth (he’s visiting his parents in a remote locale), and there’s trouble brewing in Cartville as her father and renowned vampire historian, Dr. Jonas, investigate possible connections between an organization known as the Black Talons and the Carters (an old, well-known family of vampires).When Serena arrives in Cartville and announces that she’s fed up with her family and her life and wants to join the ranks of the undead, Mina is over the moon. But her enthusiasm is somewhat dimmed when she learns that Serena’s been marked for death. Will Mina be able to protect her friend from Raven – a Black Talon wannabee – until Dr. Jonas’ plan to unmask the Carters comes to fruition? And what should she do about Cameron, the smoking-hot vampire guy who is providing a not-so-unwelcome distraction from thoughts of Very Distant George?Still Sucks is still funny, but Mina spends a bit too much time feeling sorry for herself. Her voice gets a little annoying at times, too – she interjects with her inner commentary everywhere and there were a few too many “totally”s for my taste. And, I know she’s a teenager, but she doesn’t seem to have much imagination. I mean, she’s running through the town and watching YouTube videos to fill her empty hours (since she no longer has to sleep), but there are so many other things she could be doing if she never gets tired. Doesn’t she have hobbies or interests that carried over from her pre-undead days? I’m with her mom – vampire classes are a good idea, especially if she’s that bored! Hope she starts to see some of the positively awesome things about being a vampire. less
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Better than the first but that's still not saying a lot. Recommended age demo: 10-14
Eh. Has more of the bad qualities from Book 1.
it was ok had a dumb ending i mean relly?!?!
Great book
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