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Dear America: The Fences Between Us: The Diary Of Piper Davis: Seattle, Washington, 1941 (2010)

by Kirby Larson(Favorite Author)
4.06 of 5 Votes: 2
161657058X (ISBN13: 9781616570583)
review 1: kick out Jap German Italians Chinese of Seattle, aliens yellow menace, brother Hank AZ to Enterprise, better to give than receive, tree known by its fruits, last names at Boeing, early 42 FDR executive order 9102 bad for Americans 1 week take what carry as Jews wearing stars Camp Harmony and Eden ID not one accused or convicted 43enlist 45Supreme Ct overturned internment of Americans, bird boat, not quitting squeeze the sad out as the Disciples on Good Friday, use it up wear it out make do do without 13M lost job 32 began a slow path to recovery 10M drafted ww2, 1940 127K Jap 80K 2nd generation American citizens, Feb42 executive order 9066 declared any area a military area, mob mentality persecuted Japanese Americans with FDR Mar42 executive order 9102 mere months after Pe... morearl Harbor.
review 2: This book was written in a diary format. I believe the author made the choices she did, to really get the point across from Piper's point of view. The writing was very effective because you really understood Piper's feelings about everything that was happening in her life, more than anyone else in the book. This book reminds me of my own life because I once had a brother move away. It wasn't to the extent of Piper's situation. Piper's brother was in the navy, and more times than not, her family didn't know where he was. They could only communicate through letters, and during Pearl Harbor they had no idea if he had lived or not. My brother had moved away to Florida but we always knew where he was, and could call him pretty much anytime we wanted, except when he was at work. The only time he would have been in danger was the time a tropical storm came through, but that was the worst thing that happened. I can relate in a way that, I know how it feels when you really miss someone you love.Overall, I enjoyed this book very much. It kept me interested and I could barely put the book down. I feel that this book would be good for pretty much all ages because it has some very useful life lessons in it. Some of which are, "Always stick up for the people you love," and "Always be yourself." The author did a great job of writing this book and including important history from World War II. less
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This was a good book but I think it ended to soon
This would be great for US History in 5th grade.
Officially one of my favorite books EVER
Wonderful story
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