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Two Bobbies: A True Story Of Hurricane Katrina, Friendship, And Survival (2008)

by Kirby Larson(Favorite Author)
4.38 of 5 Votes: 2
0802797547 (ISBN13: 9780802797544)
Bloomsbury USA Childrens
review 1: This is the story of a cat and a dog who survive Hurricane Katrina together and eventually end up getting adopted together. I thought that this was a great information picture book for younger readers to educate them about Hurricane Katrina. The illustrations were also very well done and looked reminiscent of all of the photographs of the destruction in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. The story of a cat and a dog who survived the hurricane together is a wonderful way to share information about the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina to elementary students. With a hart-warming ending, this is the kind of story that gives you hope for the future and makes you think about the friendships that are important to you. I think that students will really enjoy this story. This... more book could easily be used with a lesson on hurricanes or natural disasters to educate children about the aftermath of such events in a way that won't scare them.
review 2: Sat down to read this book to the kids tonight that my daughter checked out of school .....and they loved it! I loved it too! It's a very heartwarming story based on the true story of hurricane Katrina. Not only does it paint a story the children can understand, but it takes the tragedy and overcomes the bad with good by celebrating friendship and survival! Teaching the kids a core value that when the going gets tough stick together, stay strong, never give up and you can survive! less
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Heartwarming dog and cat story set during Hurricane Katrina...of course I'm going to like it. :)
Heartwarming talHe of two animals surviving a natural disaster (Hurricane Katrina).
Wonderful story of friendship and survival. Must read for animal lovers.
A heartwarming story with a surprise within!
Use for themes of friendship and survival.
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