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The Boy Who Sneaks In My Bedroom Window (2012)

by Kirsty Moseley(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 5
1469984016 (ISBN13: 9781469984018)
review 1: Although this definitely isn't anywhere near as good as some books and there are some very overused story lines, I still really liked it. It was really cute and a very easy story to read. The characters are likeable, although slightly annoying at times, and despite several cliches I found myself really enjoying it, and I recommend it as a book to read when your feeling kind of sad and need a short, cute pick-me-up story.
review 2: THIS COULDNT HAVE BEEN MORE PERFECT!i loved every freaken second, it made my haert pound at every scary, sad, and happy moment. Such a sad and beautiful story and i loved all the characters(except for her dadOF COURSE). Though the unbreakable connections between Amber,Liam and Jake just had me speechless. The undeniable brotherlylove
... moresent me into tears and the endless love from Liam had me bursting into big fat rivers. Amber turned out was triumph and glad she started a new life with Liam(AWESOME RIGHT!). i just have to say THANK YOU,Kirsty i wish i could give you a big fat hug right now as you have made me one of the luckiest readers to experience this story and keep it as a memory forever. less
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reads like an online fan fic. but i like online fan fic so its ok.
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