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Lady Luck (2000)

by Kristen Ashley(Favorite Author)
4.45 of 5 Votes: 5
Colorado Mountain
review 1: I normally love Kristen Ashley, but this one just wasn't up to par. I never felt connected to either the hero or heroine, there didn't seem to be the emotional element I have grown to expect from this author. Sure, they were both hot, she was a goof, he was tough, but it felt like I was just reading words instead of feeling their passion. I also got very tired, very quickly, of everything being 'tagged' instead of occasionally being picked up, snagged or simply gotten. I do enjoy the series being in the same town with old, familiar characters, and while I was disappointed in this installment, though I had been greatly looking forward to it, it will not keep me from getting the next.
review 2: Really liked Ty and Lexie! Their HEA was so sweet!!Ty is so incr
... moreedibly Alpha *swoon* but still a little different than the Alpha we're used to, which is refreshing. He definitely follows the "actions speak louder than words" motto. Seems weird to say but he was cute... A Ty-way kinda cute. :)Sometimes I felt like the storyline got a bit convoluted- with all of the drug dealers, dirty cops, the truth of who the clean cops are and all of the "connections" the different characters have- but at least you never lost interest in it.The climax/kidnapping was a little too similar to Sweet Dreams (book two in this series) for me but it was still nail-biting, even if I recently read about it.It will be neat to hear more about Chace's storyline since so much was left unresolved for him personally. Off to check out book four in the series, Breathe! less
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I love KA!!..great book (the sex scenes of this author is the best!) but not my fav this...
enjoyed this book, her alpha males just make me happy. this was good one
Really loving this series. The character relationships are fantastic!
A wonderful story with a beautifully ending.
loved loved ty and lexis
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