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Kuss Des Feuers (2013)

by Kristen Callihan(Favorite Author)
3.86 of 5 Votes: 1
Egmont LYX
Darkest London
review 1: THIS IS NOT GOD DAMNED STEAMPUNK!!!! seriously goodreads why do you taunt us so?If you're looking for an amazing paranormal romance turn away TURN AWAY!! The writing was good, the author can string together a sentence but it was just so purple prosey, I think I may have gagged on my own spit.There is nothing dark about this novel NOTHING!!I DNF at 55 % but I did skip to the end and was disappointed...SIGH
review 2: This is one of those stories that starts out intriguing and then slowly slides downhill until I really didn't even care how it turned out. The heroine, Miranda has the curiosity of an oyster for the first half of the book. She marries a guy who always wears a mask and yet she never wonders about what he looks like beneath it or what caused the need t
... moreo wear one. She knows that he wanted to kill her father but she never presses him to explain. We are told that they fall in love through all of their lovely exchanges which we never see. Then out of the blue, Miranda suddenly starts wanting answers which of course her love interest refuses to divulge because if he did the book could not have gone on for another 150 pages.Information is withheld for most of the book for no good reason and then at last when everything is explained near the end of the book it was like the author just pulled a whole lot of stuff out of thin air. Unlike a mystery that drops little tidbits along the way, allowing an astute reader to puzzle things out or at least in retrospect appreciate how everything came to together this story provided a whole lot of information that there was absolutely no way for the reader to have any inkling about. Some readers may call this a great twist, but I call this weak plotting. The ending put the hoke in hokey.I give the book 3 stars because there are some nice emotional and sensual scenes. The story had potential but was badly put together. Mostly though, I guess I just have pretty low expectations for this genre.Suffice it to say, I won't be reading the next book in this series. less
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Love this book. :)
4.5 stars!!
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