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Keepsakes By Kristina Riggie (2012)

by Kristina Riggle(Favorite Author)
3.58 of 5 Votes: 2
William Morrow/Harper Collins
review 1: Keepsake made me think about humans and how we try to cope with the difficult things in our lives. I've never watched shows that have to do with hoarding and haven't thought a lot about it, but Keepsake presents this topic in a context that shows how hoarding is just one of many ways humans deal with problems. Moreover, the "hoarder" character is not dealing with only her own baggage and problems. Just as family and friends come together to help her, we see how they all have their own (often interrelated) issues and work through them (or sometimes fail to work through them) in different ways. I became attached to the characters and the human mistakes they make. There are also a few truly beautiful sentences in here that I highlighted with my Kindle's highlighter funct... moreion. I hope others enjoy.
review 2: I read this book first of all because of its main topics, hoarding, the impact it has on families and Hoarders themselves. I feel it does a good job of depicting some of the tell tale behaviors and patterns of hoarders in addition to the impact hoarding has on a family.However, the story follows the stereotypical plot lines for explaining mental illness and its "resolution". A mysterious tragic event hinted at in the 'victims' past and finally its discovery. This in turn facilitates the recovery from the condition with allusions to happily ever after. I give the author credit for hinting that the happily may also be bumpily.I give this book a C in "women's fiction" (what is that anyway?). less
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Wow you really felt the pain of a family dealing with a lifetime of hoarding issues.
Had me hooked from the first page. Good story with relatable characters.
Very interesting subject and characters
Always a reason behind the stuff....
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