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Keepsake (2012)

by Kristina Riggle(Favorite Author)
3.58 of 5 Votes: 3
0062003070 (ISBN13: 9780062003072)
William Morrow Paperbacks
review 1: I stayed up until 2:00 a.m. Sunday, reading this engrossing novel. In this story, author Kristina Riggle enters the world of a hoarder, delving into the mindset of a woman who suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder and exploring the effects it has on family. Having cringed at several episodes of the TV series "Buried Alive," I've been curious about what could cause a person to hoard, and this book gave me some insight while weaving a compelling plot. The downside is that I'm starting to worry about my fabric stash! I call myself a quilter, but could I be a hoarder too?
review 2: The story pulled me in on the first page. I read for hours without stopping. Hoarding is an interesting topic, and I thought the story was believable. I didn't give it 5 stars becau
... morese I didn't like the way the journal entries' grammar from the mother was perfect. The mother wrote it as a teen, and it should not have read just like the rest of the book. Otherwise, I enjoyed it and look forward to discussing with my book club. less
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A simple yet enjoyable tale of two sisters, one a hoarder and the other a neat freak.
It was like watching an episode of hoarders!! Makes you want to clean your house!!!
Was OK - nothing earth shattering. Will try her other books.
good story about two sisters....opposites. easy read.
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