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Deceptive Innocence: Part 3 (2014)

by Kyra Davis(Favorite Author)
3.93 of 5 Votes: 5
1476756309 (ISBN13: 9781476756301)
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review 1: I was drawn to those trilogy for two reasons - one it reminded me of "Revenge" a show I love, and two it was written by an author I love. (I am a huge fan of the Sophie Katz series!) that being said, I didn't love these books. The plot was there, but the characters weren't. The erotica was there, but it did nothing for the story. I am curious to see the conclusion so I will read the next book.... But to me, this is similar to the problem I had with the "50 Shades" series - a plot and characters developed around erotica and thus lacking overall. Maybe it's because I'm not really into that specific genre but I personally find that when the main focus of a book is the actual plot/characters with the erotica element second, it's actually a worthwhile read. To me, this just wa... moresn't.
review 2: If part 4 doesn't exist than the series is a big fluke. The end might bring a little satisfaction, but I wanted Travis down on his knees begging and not the promise of his fall. Until the end, I thought that nothing was going to happen. Jessica is a mystery and I can't say that I liked her. Lander is still the most complicated character to read and even now I don't think that all his agenda has been revealed. I have no comments for Bell. Travis is getting creepier by the page. less
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Thought this was the conclusion? The way it ended it can't be? Anyone know of another?
I do not have the patience to wait on the conclusion to these books. GRRRRRRRRRRR
Part 2 was the best. I just wanted more at the end.
DNF lost interest, couldn't care about protagonist
And now the story begins...
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