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Hearse And Buggy (2012)

by Laura Bradford(Favorite Author)
3.85 of 5 Votes: 3
0425251314 (ISBN13: 9780425251317)
An Amish Mystery
review 1: I'm a big fan of stories which include the Amish, and this first book in a series did not disappoint. The glimpses into Amish life, mingled with the English life of the main character, and tied together by both the murder mystery and the police detective (a shunned former Amish man related to several people in town), makes for a very interesting story. I can't wait to get the second book from the library!
review 2: I'll give this one a solid 4 star because the main character, Claire Weatherly, is easy to enjoy, her backstory is filled with interesting possibilities and the murder was a solvable one. I'm not sure how this author will populate a town which bases it's economic success on handcrafts created by Amish and sold by English but I am willing to see what
... more comes next. The bones of this series seem solid and I am curious about what will happen next.Our Claire has left the big city following a disappointing marriage and finds herself living with an aunt who runs a bed and breakfast (delightful setting!) in Heavenly, Pennsylvania. She is truly enjoying the first few months of getting her life back in gear by starting up a gift shop and living with her aunt while she takes the baby steps towards a new life on her own. Sensible. Thankfully Laura Bradford gives Claire better than average common sense, a healthy sense of self preservation and a little bit of humour. Given the chance to begin a romance with a handsome police detective, Claire decides to take things slowly and try to get back into her own comfort zone first. This took a lot of self control, he was written to be quite a dish... So many good decisions have been made in this first book that I am aching to read the second and perhaps track down other Laura Bradford cozies - I hope she finds lots of time to write! less
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I loved the setting and characters, but the mystery was disappointing in the end.
Better plot than some Amish books as not so romance focused and not preachy .
Think I will really like this series.
kept me guessing throughout!
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