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Terug Naar De Rode Rivier (2000)

by Laura Frantz(Favorite Author)
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review 1: Western or frontier romances are often hit or miss for me, and unfortunately, this book was a miss. While the writing style itself was very descriptive, to the point where I could clearly picture events and scenery in my mind, I hated the main character of Morrow! While I understand that she had a traumatic event happen to her, one would have thought that, being a daughter of a frontiersman, she would have got up a bit of gumption and actually moved on or be more sturdy for it. Instead, she became a wilting violet, like the society ladies she found when she was sent to Philadelphia. She constantly ran from trouble rather than face it, and it got to the point where it dragged the book down because of it. Granted, she did change as the book went on, but it was too littl... moree, too late for me, and even then, she was never the woman I thought she should be. I'd be interested to see the author's works if she moved to contemporary Christian romances, but I think I'll be avoiding her historicals, and getting any other reads by the author from the library first.
review 2: Frantz's novel takes you deep into the Kentucky wilderness at the time of the American Revolution. Her story of Morrow's life on the frontier during a time of war with the Indians is realistic, drawing you into that time in history. Frantz deals with themes of forgiveness, trust, and faith in God in this story.The only thing that confused me about this book is the title. The "courting" part of the story is a relatively small part of the story and is not one of the main themes of the story. It's an odd and misleading choice for a title. less
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Another fantastic cover by Frantz. Such a beautiful, well-written story.
Wonderful read!!
A must-read!
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