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Lo Scandalo Dell'anno (2014)

by Laura Lee Guhrke(Favorite Author)
3.82 of 5 Votes: 5
8852055568 (ISBN13: 9788852055560)
Abandoned at the Altar
review 1: I found some of the character development and realizations highly unrealistic and unbelievable. There were some inconsistencies. However, I did enjoy the creativity behind Julie's need for a divorce. I also loved Aiden, I just wish Guhrke had stayed more true to his character. It seemed like he went from despising his attraction for the heroine to embracing it and trying to seduce her with the snap of a fingers.
review 2: Julia has always been a bit of a rebel, free spirit, and has had a harder life than most. Her husband is not a nice man and she has been running from him and trying to get him to divorce her for years. Aidan and Julia have known each other for years and there has been an attraction from their first meeting. She seduces him, gets him drunk, and
... more sets it up so her husband finds them in bed together so he'll divorce her. Even after the incident, he still wants her as well as her vulnerabilities, uneasy past, and her non-conventional ways. It needed an epilogue though. Great read!! less
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Started out good but kind of petered out. I was skimming heavily by the end.
Really liked the ending.
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