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Doppelgangster (2010)

by Laura Resnick(Favorite Author)
3.74 of 5 Votes: 1
0756405955 (ISBN13: 9780756405953)
Esther Diamond
review 1: This book was not as enjoyable as the first and I've been struggling to figure out why. Part of this is the author's desire to create a screwball comedy in the midst of a fantasy-mystery. I found this annoying rather than funny. How often can pratfalls and tangled conversations be used to stretch out a tale? I also find Mafia stories less than interesting; they just don't engage me enough. I began to skim the book rather than read it because I tired of all of the foolishness. I, too, guessed the culprit fairly easily. So the big reveal was anticlimactic.
review 2: For whatever reason, I have never gotten into urban fantasy in novel form, although in theory I should like it. It seems it has to be a world far removed from mine. At least until I read this bo
... moreok. I picked this book purely for the title. If more urban fantasy could be like this, I'd read more. Resnick's writing is snappy and funny, moving along at the pace of a good movie. The gangsters may be stereotypes, but they are fun in the way that the pirates of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies are fun. It even manages to be a compelling mystery story. Esther doesn't annoy me or make me angry at her actions and I could see this role in a movie being played by an equally not annoying actress just off the side of the A-list such as Zooey Deschanel. less
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Although,the mage is just a secondary figure.It's like watching a comedy-drama.Worth the read.
This book was great from start to finish. way better than book #1.
I am enjoying the humor and the characters in this series.
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