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Green (2012)

by Laura Vaccaro Seeger(Favorite Author)
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1596433973 (ISBN13: 9781596433977)
Roaring Brook Press
review 1: Ridiculously simple book. Each page is a beautiful thick-painted illustration of a different color of green. “Forest green, khaki green, pea green, sea green.” Slight rhyming and cut-outs on each page so that the previous and following pages peek through make it pretty. Not sure what else it does beyond look pretty. No story, very few words, no characters. But very pretty. Artsy people would like it.
review 2: Green is a book about several different shades of green. The author was very creative when writing this book and coming up with all of the different shades of green and what they meant. This book is very similar to The Quiet Book as well as A Leaf Can Be.. book. All three books take one idea and expand on it to create several different meanings. Al
... morel three of these books can be paired along with others that follow the same style to help students create their own books based off of one idea. less
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One of the cleverest picture books ever. Wonderful.
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