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Once In Every Generation (2010)

by Lauren B. Grossman(Favorite Author)
3.52 of 5 Votes: 5
1604940255 (ISBN13: 9781604940251)
review 1: We all have gifts and dreams, sometimes unrealized. We also have challenges that keep us from pursuering those dreams. Lisa, a young girl gifted with a lovely singing voice, is encouraged and supported by a family friend and then by her music teacher. Can we reach our own dreams by supporting others? Read this inspiring novel to find out. It's twists and turns will keep you wanting more and possibly inspire you to realize your own dreams in the process. An inspiring read that everyone will profit from and enjoy!
review 2: I chanced upon this book through Facebook. The author, a fellow MSer, had produced and published an intriguing 'trailer' which I spotted on a mutual friend's page.I inquired about the book, 'friended' Lauren in the process, and ordered the boo
... morek which I am enjoying now that I have worked through all my weightier tomes!Not intending to be a spoiler, let me just say that I was both surprised and pleased to discover how the author deals with the subject matter!This was a quick read by a new author, who has done a good job with her story. At times there were a few too many cliches, and the style a bit too formulaic, but that is probably a result of inexperienced editing, I suspect.Heaven knows that any 'first book' I might publish would likely be laden with shortcomings far more major that are found here! less
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Cutesy, feel good story. Totally predictable.
Best book I ever wrote...I mean, read.
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