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A Friend Of The Family (2009)

by Lauren Grodstein(Favorite Author)
3.39 of 5 Votes: 2
1565129164 (ISBN13: 9781565129160)
Algonquin Books
review 1: A sad and somewhat suspenseful story, weaved incredibly well by the author who kept my attention. With just the right amount of flashback use to keep up the suspense in both past and present, until eventually we get to the present. I was a bit disappointed that the end just stops without a completion or epilogue, but a good way to create a sequel I suppose. The most intriguing part was realizing that the female author is so talented writing as a male. I won't give away the story except that the line is a very touchy subject. And friendships are definitely tested.
review 2: It was a slower paced book but engrossing. The characters were very real. It really wasn't suspenseful, at all. Sometimes the time jumps were confusing. It's was hard to like the narrator/mai
... moren character and it would have been interesting to see a complete picture because he was so self absorbed. I do think the ending seemed rushed compared to the pace of the book. Maybe it could have been balanced better. However, I didn't put it down. less
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And the moral of the story is 'let your children go'.
Good writing and story, easy read
Excellent character development.
So much man-pain.
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