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Mistwood (2010)

by Leah Cypess(Favorite Author)
3.53 of 5 Votes: 4
0061956996 (ISBN13: 9780061956997)
Greenwillow Books/HarperCollins
review 1: I wasn't sure about this book at first. It sounded really interesting, and the beginning had me curious, but then it kind of slowed down and I felt that nothing was happening. I'm glad I kept going though, because I ended up enjoying it more than I thought I would.Possible spoilers ahead.The writing was beautiful. It was simple and easy to read, yet helped paint a picture of everything that was happening. Like I said, it was a bit slow at first, but it really started to pick up in the second half. I think what I found most frustrating was that, like Isabel, I had no idea what was going on. Even when we had a few chapters in Rokan's POV, we were given no further information. We found things out along with Isabel, which made the story's progress slow. But it also made it mor... moree interesting. I found the story itself intriguing, and it was interesting watching Isabel slowly piece everything together, though as stated above, sometimes frustrating. It's what made the first half of the story so slow. She didn't remember anything. But I'm glad I made myself keep going, because the second half of the book got very interesting. I thought this book was part of a series, and while it technically is, the second book is completely unrelated to this one, so I'm a bit disappointed because I thought the story would be continuing. But looking back at the ending now knowing it's not continuing, the ending had a nice sense of closure while still allowing the reader to interpret how things would continue. I usually don't like more open endings, but it really works for this story and I'm really glad that I enjoyed reading it.
review 2: She was just suppose to be a rumor because when she is need it means that the king will be or in trouble. Isabel is the shifter, her job was suppose to protect the royal family to be more exact, the king of Samorna or the future king. I was just like the other times when Prince Rokan and his brother Will rode across Mistwood to find her. He needed her superhuman powers, the power to shift into mist, animal form and wind. (I truly love the fact that she could change her hair and eyes color whenever she love to.) Knowing that she might harm him because of this mysterious background he made this bracelet that had a spell that prevents her to harm him in the future. But the problem is why would a protector that would risk her life in protecting him hurt him and what was his unknown background? This book was recommended to me by Goodreads and I loved this book. I would recommend this book to everyone else who love reading fantasy books. Hope you guys would like this book as much as I do.Rokan VS Kaer: Rokan is stubborn, he is weak but he will be a lovely and kind king- the kind that his father doesn't want him to become. He is the kind of prince everyone would want in their life, he is as kind as a puppy, that why he thinks her would be a weak king, but he's just generous which is the opposite of Kaer. Kaer is exactly the opposite of Rokan, he is tough, greedy, and revengeful. He is the kind of person who you don't want to be enemy with because he will spend time behind your back in planning revenge. Isabel was suppose to protect Rokan but when discovering his actual background and realize that her childhood lover, Kaer was actually the one she is suppose to protect she became confused. She wanted to warn Rokan about Kaer's mysterious existence, so she could hunt Kaer down. But then she realized how important she was to him: "I should have told [Rokan]. She could still feel, like a fist around her heart, the fear in her prince's voice. Her presence made him less afraid. She didn't want to take that away from him. Even so. I should have told him" (Cypess 62). She became confuse of whether she should have tell Rokan, but at the end she decided not to. This would be her first move of betraying Rokan. How will Rokan react when he finds out that Isabel - the person (thing) that he trusted the most- had betrayed him? Thinking that Kaer is easier to protect, she wanted him to become that king that needs her, but she soon realized that she was wrong. She realizes, "Either way, it would make protecting Rokan easier" (Cypess 63). With the problem from the last time she had left her homeland, she became a lot weaker. She wanted to become an actual human being, the ones that have emotions, feeling and human- her consequence was that in became challenging or even impossible for her to properly shift. Her role is to find who deserves the throne and who is the real king. Will she make the same mistakes as she did the last time, when trying her best to protect the royal family but fails? She remembered, " A sudden memory shot through her like pain. Running though the snow. Blood falling. And all around her, through her, in her, the bitter knowledge of failure. The euphoria vanished, and Isabel but her lip so hard she tasted blood. Failure" (Cypess 64). She hated the feeling that she could protect the previous king, Kaer's father. She doesn't want to feel that feeling again- she doesn't want the past to repeat itself. But with her new problem of shifting and her continuous confusion- Will the past repeat itself in their future? Will she just give up everything and go back home- where she belongs? less
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3.5 stars this was interesting but wasn't anything to run to the hills screaming about.
easy read. beautifully written and fast good none stop action.
Beautiful writing. Full of mystery. A fun read.
Gave it 100 pages. DNF.
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