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October Mourning: A Song For Matthew Shepard (2012)

by Lesléa Newman(Favorite Author)
4.12 of 5 Votes: 2
0763658073 (ISBN13: 9780763658076)
review 1: I knew that this book would be moving, but I was unprepared for how powerful, insightful, creative and simply humane it was. Each poem is written from a different point of view, ranging from the fence to Matthew's mother to anonymous citizens. It was amazing how clear a picture this thin volume was able to paint, with such few words, and without ever describing the events in narrative form. It's an important book that I think should be required reading in every high school.
review 2: I really appreciated the different perspectives Newman created to share this extremely heartbreaking & disturbing true story. I also appreciated the different forms of poems she used and will definitely be using this book in the fall with my classes, just haven't figured out how
... more yet. There are so many possibilities - examining poetry, different points of view, figurative language, not to mention the powerful discussions it would inspire. I'm going to figure it out & my students will be better human beings for reading this book and knowing Matthew Shepard's story. I believe I am. less
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This book is amazingly powerful book, and I think everyone should read it! It is a very short read.
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