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Christmas Carol Murder (2013)

by Leslie Meier(Favorite Author)
3.47 of 5 Votes: 5
0758277016 (ISBN13: 9780758277015)
A Lucy Stone Mystery
review 1: I have enjoyed reading Leslie Meier's books for many years. I can remember the first book when Lucy Stone worked at Country Cousins and solved the murder of one of her bosses. Years have passed, Lucy's children are grown and Lucy and Bill are grandparents. In this mystery, Lucy must solve the murder of the local Scrooge, who is killed by a mail bomb. As usual, there are old favorites such as Miss Tilley and Lucy's other friends but new characters are introduced as well, making for a lively story. My only complaint with Ms Meier is her tendency to "preach" to the reader, other than that I enjoy this cozy series.
review 2: Even if it's Christmas time in Tinker's Cove there's sure to be a murder, mayhem and Lucy Stone will somehow be involved. This the latest in
... more Leslie Meier's series is another welcome edition no matter what time of year you find yourself reading it. As always Lucy is both an intrepid reporter and amateur sleuth even if her husband Bill suggests that she mind her own business! Reading about Lucy and all the residents of Tinker's Cove who are still alive is like visiting with an old friend and catching up on all the gossip. Can't wait for BOOK #21! less
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Really enjoyed this book, a little sadder than her usual book, but loved the Scrooge like plot.
Another favorite author/series.
another satisfying easy read
Just not my cup of tea.
cute book.
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