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In Search Of Lucy (2012)

by Lia Fairchild(Favorite Author)
3.2 of 5 Votes: 1
review 1: This is the story of Lucy who has lived her life with no real meaning. When she was young she was often left alone to care for her younger sister Kate due to their mother's alcoholism. Now as adults Lucy feels alone, out of touch, and doesn't have a life filled with friends and family, both of which she craves. Out of the blue, Lucy is contacted by her sister because Kate is sick and needs a kidney donation. The only one left who can possible save her is Lucy. During the process of Lucy reuniting with her sister she finally works out in her head what she needs. She needs to live her life in the present and let go of her past.Based on the description, the book sounds like it could be promising. However, it was a huge letdown. The entire novel is very flat. The auth... moreor just tells the story. There is no depth or character development. I didn't ever feel like I cared about any character in the book. This book fell really flat, which is a shame because the author could have done so much more with the story if her writing style was more mature. 2 stars.
review 2: Just not a good book. There are typos, way too many pop culture references, unimaginative similes, a plot that sounds like a Lifetime movie and all that is piled on top of a main character that it is almost impossible to like. There isn't enough for the reader to connect with Lucy and therefore her behavior seems inexplicable and therefore I could not bring myself to like her. Lucy's life isn't together and she blames everyone but herself, spends the whole book shutting people out and acting like a child and somehow everything works out for her in the end which isn't even satisfying since I didn't feel like she really "found herself." In summary, I don't recommend this book. less
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not bad. jumped around on point of view, but it held my interest.
Pretty good story. Would recommend for others to read.
Too slow. Deleted it.
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