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The Gifts, A Jacody Ives Mystery (2000)

by Linda S. Prather(Favorite Author)
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review 1: Corrine Lawson knew he would kill her after he had beaten and raped her, her only thought was to a mental message to wan Sarah that he was coming for her................. Six tears ago, Sarah Burns, came to Glade Springs pregnant and alone to flee the partner she put in jail when he raped a street walker. Now five years later, she was sheriff and raised her little girl. She had the gift to feel what others felt and she knew there was more to a routine accident than what was thought. She had nightmares about being warned that a killer was coming for her daughter and it shook her. She had secrets to hide and kept a close eye out on strangers. Then renowned mystery writer Gavin McAllister came to town stirring up trouble......Gavin McAllister often had nightmares and of... moreten week off the grid until he could figure out his dreams, his twin sister was marrying his adopted brother in a few weeks and he worked with Rob an FBI agent tracking the Mother's Day killer. Cory came to him in a shimmering light to plead for his help in protecting a little girl from the monster that had killed her...........DOUBLE WOW! Hold on to your seats as Ms. Prather takes you on a twisting, bumpy ride for your life!!
review 2: All small towns have secrets, so when Gavin McAllister, a man who's reputed to be good at uncovering those secrets, shows up, few are happy to see him. But not everyone wants him to leave. The parents of a dead teenager want his help and, though she doesn't know it yet, Sarah, the town's Sheriff, needs him to stay.But, will his presence only make things worse? Or will he be able to silence the voices and finally put to rest a case that has dragged on for far too long and cost him far too much?Well written and fast paced, this is a great mystery that kept me guessing! Just when I thought I'd solved it, Ms. Prather would throw in a new twist that kept me guessing. less
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I found the ending gave a few rather fun little twists...
I loved this book. It hooked me from the first chapter.
Deadly Dozen: 12 Mysteries/Thrillers
Kept me guessing til the end!
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