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Center Of Everything (2013)

by Linda Urban(Favorite Author)
3.75 of 5 Votes: 1
1299902030 (ISBN13: 9781299902039)
Harcourt Brace and Company
review 1: People have criticized this book as being, "yet another dead grandparent book." To those critics, I have two responses. First, what's wrong with writing a children's book about a common childhood experience? I don't see anyone out there saying, "Ug! Not another book about starting school." Second, this book is about so much more than the loss of a grandparent. It's about friendship, adolescence, young love, and just about the greatest quirky small town in the history of quirky small towns. So rather than dismiss The Center of Everything, I want to sing its praises. This is the best book for kids published in 2013. I think it deserves this year's Newbery Award.
review 2: This is no ordinary book, just like Ruby is no ordinary character…or is she? From the out
... moreside Ruby's just a girl that no pays too much attention to. But inside this introverted, intelligent girl there is so much going on. She is one to keep her thoughts to herself, and when these thoughts are expressed (in no ordinary way) we see the true Ruby. My daughter, 11, is an avid reader and recommended I read this book. That goes to show the depth that is possible when young readers explore their own character through books. less
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interesting variation on point of view; not sure if that helped or hindered the thematic resonance.
love the author but not this book so much. I did shed a few tears though.
A perfect read for National Donut Day. Great middle grade novel.
It was ok. The ending was awful though.
fun book
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