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The Mysterious Death Of Miss Austen (2011)

by Lindsay Ashford(Favorite Author)
3.45 of 5 Votes: 3
1906784264 (ISBN13: 9781906784263)
review 1: I just couldn't do it! I wanted to read this book that, when I picked it up at the Festival of Books this year, seemed so interesting and Austenesque. Unfortunately, once I got started I couldn't wait to stop, and I finally decided to give up. Didn't appreciate the very scandalous situation the story puts Jane's family in (not based in any fact I've ever read about the family) and the illicit feelings the author tries to give her main character for Jane.
review 2: There are contemporary authors out there "writing in the style of" or "writing in the genre of." Some are quite good. The core of this book is based on evidence (how solid I don't know) that unusually high levels of arsenic were found in a lock of Jane Austen's hair (tested in more contemporary times.
... more) This author, using this as their stepping off place theorizes what might have lead to the true causes of her death. I enjoyed it, but not "quite all that." less
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Another Jane Austen book that I had high hopes for... Did not finish.
Could not put this down! Read it in a day.
was ok but rather slow
and a half
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